Dreams fall

like burnt skin.

Bullet casings on the ground

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hot iron & steel molded into war.

There’s big trouble in Sudan

for innocent people just dying.

Massacred like N. American Buffalo.


Sorrow. The inside of out no one’s left describing.

It’s heard from a guitar throughout the Delta –

in cities sterile w/ disease; suburban competition.

They’re too stupid to dream on wings of a white dove.


A doctor boards a plane in Pittsburgh headed to Sudan

- his wife & kids are proud but nervous – actually, afraid.

Last words out between husband and wife:

“The world is a different place!”

“Yeah, and we made it such and more of us can try to do better.”


Are we safe from an impending death?


Pizza is pulled from the piping coal fed oven in Chicago.

Linguini w/ white clam sauce served in a NYC café.

A couple in L.A. orders Colby beef – cooked rare and slow.

In Texas my brother orders a shrimp burrito and beers.

On top of a bridge in town stands a thinker. He thinks.

Climbs down. Spits in the water below and begins to walk home