American Morning

gears grind & unwind
along dark HWYs

stirring with sound

nature awakening
on the heels of dawn

in the east sun shivers on

now on these foggy roads
an american morning

a presidency occurring

dreams linger along with
early morning wants:

a warm bath –
sullen counts…

she walks outside the door.

i think, “i want to bury my poems in
you. like a bone in a backyard” –

i think, “i want to bury my poems in
you. as the skyline catches fire” -

walking along a golden shoreline
smells of burnt wood of the night before

sun cast over an american morning

freedom in front of us
through these sunlit doors

a new day in the making

signs of a cool night shine in my eyes
-in the soft, gentle shade of a mirror-

Aug. 30 – Sept. 1, 2004