Love to Hate


After you love to hate

When you awake

And no one is there.

Youíre all alone.

No one to share your home


Cold all around

Naked to the bone.

Disease ridden:

Cancer driven heart.

Blood Ė dry and bitter,


Iíll touch your scared face

Iíll touch your blemished body

Give you light in evil chasms

Casks of wine in the desert

Bless you when you hate me

Let you see through the eyes of Christ

When all youíve known were stupid sins

And Iíll make you a friend of the devil

When all you knew was the Holy Ghost

So youíll never be caught off guard Ė

Raped and robbed like my deaf affection.

After you love to hate my ancient name,

Imperious disposition & unassuming kingly aura -

Iíll gladly let you walk in my shoes for a mile or two Ė

Leave it all up to you and see how well you do with it.

Will the world be any better off w/ a Monday quarterback?


John A. Conte JR

Dec. Ď03