Headline News
it was the worst flood in the city's history
a devastating act of mother nature
and he couldn't cover it
he was stuck.
roads were shut down.
- flashing lights; no answers
"keep it moving!"
a block away and on this very day
a cult leader had 22 babies -
he claimed he was about to kill
if he didn't get his way.
the fanatical leader felt he needed to
decree that all cell phones be smashed
- as they were jamming his transmission -
he couldn't reach the mother ship and
holding the babies for captive was
all he could - all he could to focus
the 33 year old newscaster sniffed it out
as he was a block or two away
and was on the scene in no time
- there to capture this live.
and it was the flood of biblical proportions
and one of the fanatical spaceship cults
which occupied my headline news
- live from today - these americana blues