Date:  Sun, 4 Nov 2007  12:00AM PDT)
From:    Send an Instant Message John French <>
Subject:  Why I Love New York: Wow!!!
I love Manhattan because beautiful leggy women just come up to you in bars and start making out w/ you = And she actually was such a good kisser = Later I had to sweep up all the shattered jaws from the bar room floor from hitting the ground in stunned wonderment.
Yeah, this young hot leggy blonde who everyone had their eyes on got up from her table - and during this giving me a peek at her white panties w/ a smile - strutted over to me on my bar stool facing away from the bar and came inbetween my legs and just started making out w/ me.
What a tiny little waist in my hands and what a great kisser and how great she tasted.
Hollywood Emmy Guy and every other guy could not believe it = They were like "fuck!!!" and just so amazed. Of course I played it like a nonchalant rockstar. I mean, similar shit has happened to me before and hopefully will keep on keeping on...
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted ROSES,
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