Date:  Thu Oct 04 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:    "John French" <>
Subject:  Under the Spell of Anna Gilligan: Thanks Red Eye
To:  <>, <>,  <> it's been a few days since I have written into any media as I am finished w/ my three e-books w/ oriented themes of everyday life and top listings of the hottest women of everyday media. And I figured nowadays I''d catch a few news programs here and there and then just write-in when we're ready to go live w/ the new e-book Everyday There's Something w/ the Top 50 Hottest Women of Everyday Media in addition to writing in when I'm coming to Manhattan for interviews for our documentary film and when the trailer is complete and when the film is finished.
However, I'm watching Red Eye about a few hours ago and Anna Gilligan is on again (as I noted she was on last week too and it replayed over the weekend "yes!") and it was a good show. Please note: "the war on drugs" propaganda is just that = propaganda = that dude is full of hot air and might as well be from the "windy" city itself as he's so full of hot air. Moreover, please note: Anna Gilligan is so hot and so cool. She possess this rare natural charm and beauty and seems so calm and collected. Yes, her disposition is quite alluring along with her captivating soft beauty. The definition in her thighs is perfect. Yes, she is perfect and quite the hesitating beauty with her confidently mellow demeanor. Anna Gilligan provides a most excellent balance to the cast of derelict characters who host and frequent the show.
Anna, when I'm in town, Hollywood Emmy Guy and I are going to take Greg, Bill and Andy for a couple Vodka Gimlets at the King Cole Bar in the St. Regis and I'd like you to come. And, if all goes well, I'd like you to meet my two female cousins - one lives like in the 60's along Park Ave and the other like in the 70's Central Park West. And, if that goes well, their mother, my great aunt, has Thanksgiving at a private, prestigious old club for about 75 - 100 of us and I'd like you to join us. We're always in a big private room w/ its own bar, bartender and cocktail waitresses and piano player. It's a little formal but it's the Thanksgiving I know.
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted ROSES,
"John French" / John Alan Conte Jr.
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