Date:  Fri Sep 21 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:    "John French" <>
Subject:  Info to Book Austin, TX Band @ Mr. Small's for Fall Tour
Mike, per our conversation yesterday this girl, Jennifer, from this band in Austin, TX is currently putting together a tour and she has a date for Pittsburgh but has not booked a venue yet and per correspondence w/ me has a good feeling about Mr. Small's and would like to play there.
Here's the band's website and our correspondence via myspace.
Please send me Mike Sanders info or email Jennifer via myspace w/ Mike Sanders info. They seem like a nice little Alt Country band.  Thanks.
Date: Sep 20, 2007 9:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Pittsburgh, PA Show
Body: Wonderful, John, that's lovely, no worries, Im sure they will get to it when they can...just putting the rest of the dates together for the fall, and Id love to get to meet you and your friends and their theatre-- I have a good feeling about Pittsburg!

I will let you know if I dont, and also--if I do and we have a show, because I will want to meet! ;)

Best, Jennifer

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From: john _
Date: Sep 20, 2007 9:40 PM

Hi Jennifer:

Hey, I spoke w/ Mike Speranzo today (he owns Mr. Small's w/ his wife Liz Berlin from Rusted Root). Mike has been in State College, PA (Happy Valley = Penn State University) and has not been in the office so he has not received the two emails I sent him on you.

At any rate, I told him you have a date for Pittsburgh but not a place to play yet and how you and I chatted about Mr. Smalls and that you are interested in playing there - And, since I don't have Mike Sanders info who does the booking there that I sent an email to him w/ your myspace profile pic and some of correspondence so that he could click on your profile pic and email you Mike Sanders info.

He said he would do but if you do not hear from Mike or Liz w/ the info w/ in a few days please let me know and I'll remind them or just get it and give it to you directly.

Have a great night.

Best of the Roses,

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Date: Sep 19, 2007 8:13 AM

hey john, no word back as yet--wondering if there's a better way to reach them, id love to make a pittsburg stop! and rusted root is amazing, wow-- jam band happy! wonderful.


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From: john _
Date: Sep 17, 2007 6:38 AM

cool - i'm glad we're on the same page here and i can be of assistance to you and my friends. yeah, so, please do mentione me = my real name is john a. conte.. jr. but you can just say, john conte. the person at mr. small's theatre who does the booking is mike sanders but i don't have his info. how about you email liz berlin (of rusted root) who owns mr. smalls and tell her i suggested you contact her for mike sander's ino because you would like to book your gig there...

liz berlin is in my top friends so you can reach her that way or at and why don't your copy her hubby too at

i'll come hear you play = you'll love the place = dean ween of ween told me that they luv it there and he said it's like walking from your living room onto the stage to play a gig.

best of pittsburgh's rusted roses, john

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Date: Sep 17, 2007 4:09 AM

you're so awesome--exactly! were completely booking this ourselves so its just a huge help to get an email like this one! cool, i will look them up immediately--should i mention you sent/recommended it to me? far out-- gotta go check your website out....
thanks again, "john french" ;)
jenn for LEONHARDT

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From: john _
Date: Sep 16, 2007 9:19 PM


So where are you playing your Pittsburgh, PA show?

I saw it's TBA.

You should play Mr. Small's Theatre

It's owned by Liz Berlin of Rusted Root and her husband, Mike Speranzo.

Yeah, it's a place for musicians and fans built by musicians and fans............

Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted Roses,
"John French"

Best of L.A. Roses,
John French
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