Date:  Thu, 8 Nov 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:     John French <>
Subject:  Idea for Your Blog W/ CMU Robotics Inst. Technology I Worked With
To:  Julia Allison <>,
Hi My #1 Hottest Everyday Media Woman Out of 50:
It was great to meet you in person. You're just as beautiful, lovely, dynamic and engaging in person as you are in written word, video and broadcasted TV. More on that later...For now I'd like to share this w/ you...
Since you are not only My #1 Hottest Everyday Media Woman but just a top hot woman of everyday media in general, this may be a good idea for you to take engaging and interacting w/ your friends, fans and new friends to a new and elevated level.
Although I was introduced to "Synthetic Interview" by a group from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute (CMU is one of the best of the brightest geek universities in the world = Google keeps growing its presence here in Pittsburgh because of CMU and our High-Technology Council) while working within one of my father's companies, if you're somewhat of a geek or, at least can hang w/ geeks w/ out them making of too much fun of you beyond the normal "computer guy stick," it's an easy premise to-get and its App makes sense.
We realized this model we were doing w/ Fortune 500 companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Merck & Co, United Healthcare and Georgia Power, etc. where employees and retirees used my father's morbidity based health risk assessment (HRA) he funded James F. Fries, M.D. of Standford University School of Medicine and author of Taking Care of Yourself to create and validate w/ his team which included C. Everett Koop used telephonic coaching as a means of hands-on, follow-up intervention programming needed to be done better, faster cheaper by kind of "cloning the telephonic coaches. Thus, we started working with this "Synthetic Interview" (SI) and its group from Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute.
Basically, you create a video oriented database that consists of clips that were recorded to answer questions from online users. In its simple fashion, there is a FAQ list which has corresponding video answers (e.g. an online geek from the PSU who saw you on Red Eye who was compelled to visit your blog may use this cool-App by clicking on the SI and having you greet them in via a video clip, "Hi, I'm Julia Allison, the #1 Hottest Woman of Everyday Media!!! Welcome to my bog!!!..." And, the PSU geek clicks a question from the FAQ and is rewarded w/ something a little more dynamic then text as you appear and answer the question in the FAQ he clicked on which was, "What Type of Guys Do I like?" = = = and he has hope when he sees you smile and wink while you say, "I like geeky guys. And, especially geeky guys who buy me shoes.")
The more advanced version consists of letting the online user type in his/her own questions in which the queries are greeted by algorithms that search the video database by key words and other linguistic factors which drill down and find the video clip that will be used to best answer the typed question. (e.g. the PSU geek types in the question, "Have you ever been married?" and the query runs through the program and produces the video clip in the database which can best answer the typed question and again the PSU geek is hopeful when he sees and hears you say, "No. I am not married. I haven't found the right guy yet. But, of course, being a girl I have my wedding all planned out in my head.")
So, maybe your current boyfriend can do this for you? He's a geek and already works w/ video sharing. If he has good understanding of "relational" databases he could do a slick front end for you in Java, Java Script or even C++ and do a version of this. Yeah, he'll have to do a search and look at the patents and and see how he could do it w/ out violating any patents. My father's patent attorney would be able to advise on this
I think it would be way cool and very very useful and timely for an everyday media woman like you.
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted ROSES,
"John French" / John Alan Conte Jr.
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