Date:  Tue, 6 Nov 2007 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject:  for Julia Allison: She Had an Epiphany
With Juliet Huddy it was more or less I was just trying to get my foot in the door. Sure, Juliet Huddy is hot and did captivate my attention and made Fox & Friends something I wanted to watch introducing me to FNC after years of CNN, however, I was trying to engage the producers in the control room, the writers and Mr. Brian Kilmeade ("the juice") just as much as I was entertained by Juliet and thought she was hot.
Now with Julia Allison, I am fascinated by her. I also think she's hot, refreshing, engaging but I'm compelled to believe there's something more to - I think she's truly an interesting character and a wonderful subject and moreover a complex composition = I like her as person too - There's allot going on there - There's going on here and much more to come -
She Had an Epiphany
She had an epiphany
It came with golden wings
And a river of hot tears
Upon thoughts of wasted years
She now even thought that maybe
Carrie Bradshaw should have
stayed with Aiden Shaw instead
of chasing around Mr. Big!!! Yet,
wasn't that it? Chasing after
a shallow, hollow idol's eyes?
That's the inbetween the lines -
When chasing after the Mr. Big
you'll always be chasing because
in the world of status & materialism,
it's never enough for anybody and,
moreover, it's all about the "self" =
right? So who can ever be fullfilled
when it's never ever enough for you?
So maybe now when we sing,
"Where has death gone
Can I fool myself
Can I fool myself
No you cannot you cannot
you cannot break my ribs
My ribs are strong
Here we are Scattered on a wounded earth
Blessed are the ones take us to ourselves
Here we are Scattered within our wounded selves
Bless this life of ours take us to ourselves
Whey he hey ya hey ya hey ya
I would like to see you come
Wait here for the coming of the sun
Bless this life of ours take us to ourselves
So take me to myself" ............
She'll be able to appreciate it and
know it's the true self to be celebrated
where you feel at one with everything
and therefore not so tiny and all alone
But I like her for her - I like her -
I like her for who she is - Really.
Maybe she'll know now though
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted Roses,
John French
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