Date:  Thur, 15 Nov 2007 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject:  Fascination Street: "Live" Interview w/ Anna David for Documentary Film
The marathon was in Manhattan and despite the chaos abound I was so looking forward to meeting Anna David I barely noticed what was going on aside from focusing on things which would lead me to being on time. It was a delicious fall day and we were standing outside an Italian cafe which John Lennon and Yoko often frequented when Hollywood Emmy Guy broke into my Upper West Side daydream and said, "here she is."
In person Anna David is just as hot and cool as her online, TV, magazine, bookish persona. She looked like the day. She looked hot in her denim jeans and cool in her sunglasses - and when she pulled off her thick black sun glasses, she revealed this beautifully vibrant face. Her eyes alone were engaging and dynamic but when she talked and, overall, her demeanor, was just so compellingly inviting and quite charming in a sincere and organic fashion.
OK, all this for a positive first in-person impression before she walked over to Ben Affleck, was hugged by him and chatted-up. At that time I was standing with one of the family owners of the Italian cafe and was asked if I could ask Anna to have Ben sign one of their shirts. Anna was such a sweetheart and kindly obliged the awkward request by securing a signature and bringing it back to the cute Italian grandmotherly woman who excitedly grabbed Anna's hand and told her how she saw her book Party Girl and stated, "now I read Party Girl's book for sure."
We decided to capture the interview outside which was a perfect idea since the natural light was at an ideal state. And Anna walked us to an excellent location in a little piazza style park with the Dakota kissing the sky in the background. Anna's organic good looks and captivating charisma could not have translated through my digital video camera any better. I knew it was gorgeous while taking it and things were just so smooth but when I looked at it afterwards it was all so gloriously confirmed.
One of my favorite shots has some sun shine shimmering in her silky and full dark hair with everyday Upper West Side going on all around us in the here and now. She was describing her idea of her perfect wedding - conveying that she wasn't married but definitely wants to marry some day. Yeah, wow, whoever gets to marry Anna David is gonna have such a wonderful partner and wonder woman of everyday media.
Yeah, I'd like to marry her myself. She came across as the kind of woman you want to spend everyday of the rest of your life with and if that wouldn't be rewarding enough she would reward you with honesty, passion, love and loyalty and a cool wit, brilliant intelligence and radiating natural beauty. All that and a successful career too.
Anna David = A+++
My # of Everyday Media Women
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted ROSES,
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