Date:  Mon, 12 Nov 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:    "John French" <>
Subject:  Anna Gilligan Red Eye 9/19

Anna Gilligan is remarkable.
One of my new favorites.
She's incredibly beautiful to me - the way she so naturally translates through the camera and on my TV screen - And screams in radio waves but appears so relaxed in perfect harmony within herself, her thoughts and her own movements = She radiates a symphony with the sex appeal of rock & roll and with affect calms me down like I have no place to go but back into her arms lying on her pillows - with her long luxurious hair smelling of a fresh washing while falling around my face - Yeah, the kind of woman that makes this kind of woman a certain kind of kind -------
Sure, you know I dig Julia Allison and think she's a rare and I'm also digging Anna David but make no mistake I really dig Anna Gilligan too = new new favorites.
Best of Pittsburgh's Rusted ROSES,
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