Date:  Tue, 6 Nov 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:    Send an Instant Message John French <>
Subject:  Killmeade
Brian Kilmeade's charisma carried over from Fox & Friends to Red Eye last evening to give the new 3 a.m. slot a broken bottle of champagne - And you would think that Kilmeade, Greg, Bill, Andy & Co. were all out for champagne before the taping the way they carried on during the show.
Actually, the show is always good, in my opinion, however last night was stellar. Kilmeade killed w/ his fast wit.And his evil genius seemed "conservative" next to the half derelict, demented, deviant and half witty, funny and smetimes charming, in a gross drugged-up-turtle sort of way, Greg Gutfeld.
Ed McMahon's presence gave it a real, "wow, how the hell did they get him," kind of feel. But, of course, Bill Schulzt did not conform to the notion of any kind of special treatment and answered Mr. Ed McMahon including a comment about how, he as a good sidekick in training does things for Greg which McMahon was suggesting he do but Schultz blurted out he does these things without wearing a shirt on like Gutfeld makes him.
Moreover and importantly, there was a hottie to the right of Bill Schultz the whole show --- She was actually funny and not just good to look at and rolled along with the fast past show.
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