Date:  Wed Oct 10 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From:    "John French" <>
Subject:  Jill Dobson in a Concert Tee...


...Jill Dobson would most definitely "hot" in a "cool" concert tee-shirt and jeans!!!
I'd like to see that. 
Really, though, if you look at the "jam-band" genre (and pass-over DMB) many of these artists survive off of the shows mainly and just a loyal audience buying the records which is not like (puke) J.T.
Staring with the Grateful Dead (whose record label hated them because they could not capitalize off of the popularity through "shifting units"), jam-band fans would rather go to a show and tape and trade or buy bootleg tapes than buy records put out by one of the big labels.
The last few CDs I bought? ...Thelonious Monk (a compilation) purchased at Starbucks, Ryan Adams Easy Tiger purchased at Starbucks, Wilco Sky Blue Sky purchased at Starbucks, The Grateful Dead (a compilation) purchased at Starbucks.
I haven't paid attention to the "Billboard Charts" in years.
And, wow, last night I was hanging out in the personal studio of Michael Glaibicki and the songs he has recorded blew-me-away. Not only is he perfecting his craft as a singer, song writer, musician (playing all of the instruments for his solo stuff) but also as an engineer, and producer = the three songs he played which trumped anything I've suffered through on mainstream-commercial-radio lately were totally completed by himself.
I really dig it.
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